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"Our mission is to spread message around the globe about the importance of Ayurveda for the prevention, treatment and cure of liver diseases."
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CIRRHOSIS of liver and ayurveda treatment
What is Cirrhosis?
Cirrhosis is a serious condition where normal Liver tissue replaced by hard scar tissue. As hard scar tissue replaces soft, healthy normal tissue the liver can no longer work well or it may failure.
What are the symptoms of Cirrhosis?
In initial stage patients with Cirrhosis may have no symptoms but over time they can experience the following.

Loss of appetite
Nausea vomiting
Weight loss
Abdominal pain or discomfort
Red Spider-like blood vessels
Severe itching
Whаt are the causes of Cirrhosis?
Cirrhosis has many causes alcohol consumption and Hepatitis C have been the most common causes of Cirrhosis.

Obesity is a common cause of Cirrhosis.
Heavy alcohol consumption.
Chronic Hepatitis C
Chronic Hepatitis B
NAFLD (Non alcoholic fatty Liver disease)
Auto immune Hepatitis
Diseases of bile duct.
Some Genetic diseases
Drugs, infections and toxic chemicals.
Possible complications of Cirrhosis.
Build up fluid in the abdomen Ascites.
Bleeding disorders
Increased pressure in the blood vessels of the Liver - Portal hypertension.
Enlarged vein in esophagus , stomach or intestine that bleed easily (Varices)
Kidney failure.
Liver cancer
Hepatic encephalopathy - a build up of toxins in the brain that causes mental complications.
Ayurveda treatment for Cirrhosis depend on cause , level of Liver damage and other complications due to Cirrhosis.
First goal of treatment is to stop further scarring of Liver tissue with nectar like herbs of Ayurveda, as the scarring of Liver tissue stopped Liver functions improve gradually.
In mild to moderate Liver damage cases Ayurveda definitely help to stop further Liver damage.
Ayurveda may also helpful in severe Liver damage cases but it is depend on MELD score of patient and on severity of other complications.
View videos of people who have suffered from severe liver diseases and treated successfully.