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Dr. Paresh J. Thakkar

Renowned Ayurveda expert,
Dr. Paresh J. Thakkar is practicing Ayurveda for last twenty years and has served as a panel Ayurveda Consultant for ONGC (A fortune five hundred group company).

During his practice Dr. Paresh solved many chronic and complicated diseases and he strongly believes in the synergies between modern technology and Ayurveda.

Dr. Paresh constantly tries to bring the nectar of Ayurveda to humanity in a complete scientific and innovative manner to treat various diseases and he is committed to provide excellent ayurvedic treatment with care, compassion and passion.


Dr. Paresh is deeply involved in research work from the early days of his practice and his chief thirst area of research is Auto-immune diseases, Liver diseases, Anti-aging and Obesity.

Dr. Paresh has researched and developed many herbal products for obesity, sleep disorder and herbal laxative. Another three products mainly for Liver diseases, Anti aging and for Auto immune diseases are about to be launched. These products are being marketed in India by a leading and esteemed Pharmaceutical company.

Dr. Heena Thakkar

Dr. Heena Thakkar ,
Is practicing Ayurveda for last sixteen years and her expertise is in Obesity, Hair problem and Suvarnaprasan (an immune booster therapy of Ayurveda, particularly for children)

Dr Heena Thakkar provides many special treatments prescribed in ancient ayurvedic samhitas. These treatments are Nasya, Shirodhara, Tharpanam and Shirovasti.

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"Our mission is to spread message around the globe about the importance of Ayurveda for the prevention, treatment and cure of liver diseases."