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Patient Testimonial Video

Severe Liver Disease
Ekta Patel
RESIDENCE: Mississippi, USA


Chronic of Liver
Manish Shah (Son of Mahendrabhai Shah)
AGE: 50
RESIDENCE: Kalol, India

Chronic of Liver
Paras Gandhi (Son of Induben Ghandhi) RESIDENCE: Ahmedabad, India


Hepatitis Ascites and Pancreatitis
Dhiru Bhai Suthar
AGE: 51
RESIDENCE: Ahmedabad, India

Chronic Liver Disease with Ascites
A U Pathan
AGE: 50
RESIDENCE: Kalol, India


ETV Gujarati Interview, Dr. Paresh Thakkar, on cure of liver cirrhosis by ayurveda



Cirrhosis of Liver - Testimonial of Mr. Rizwan Puri,UK (for ExpertAyurveda)


I was diagnosed cirrhosis of liver in 2008, as per the opinion of leading consultant liver transplant is the only way!

My whole family was in a stage of trauma.

One of our family friend suggested the name of Dr Paresh Thakkar an expert Ayurveda consultant. we consulted Dr.Paresh he explained everything about the disease and the way Ayurveda treat this disease.

We started Ayurvedic treatment as per his advice within one month of treatment I felt the results....

My appetite was improved

Energy level was good.

Nausea and abdominal pain slowly disappeared.

My liver function test and abdominal sonography was normal after six months of treatment. Now I am living completely healthy and happy life for last three years.

Anyone who need treatment for liver diseases I strongly recommend the name of Dr Paresh Thakkar.

I heartily pray to God for his success in this noble work.

Induben Ghandhi


I am a patient of Obesity my BMI is 42 (Morbidly Obese) I think to go for bariatric surgery but my close friend suggest first go for Ayurvedic treatment and suggest the name of Dr.Paresh Thakkar

After taking Ayurvedic treatment from Dr.Paresh Thakkar I lost 10 kg weight in first two months I strictly followed the diet restriction and stop alcohol consumption.

I know Obesity is a chronic, metabolic, hormonal and neural disease; I want to continue this treatment for long term to achieve normal BMI.

I heartily thanks Dr.Paresh for excellent Ayurvedic treatment and strongly recommend Dr Paresh Thakkar's name for genuine Ayurvedic treatment.

Gurudev Sing


I feel difficulty in breathing, nasal congestion is very high, head ache, fatigue and I am not feeling well. I have a complain of Sinusitis. I meet Dr Paresh Thakkar and start Ayurvedic treatment and follow the diet restriction as per his advice. After one month of treatment I really surprised almost all symptoms gone and now I am feeling better.

Thank you very much Dr Paresh please continue to serve the humanity.

Jayesh Patel


I can't thank you enough Dr Pareshbhai I am not able to describe my feeling in words to thank you. your treatment give me new life.

For last ten years I am suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis.

Stiffness in my joint was very high particularly in morning period, pain and swelling was severe I m not able to perform my daily routine, due to long term of this disease I am in mild depression.

After starting your ayurvedic treatment within short time I feel improvement, three months later now I feeling excellent results my joint stiffness reduced and joint pain and swelling decreased drastically.

I don't know about the power of Ayurveda particularly in this type of auto immune disease really great science.

A billion thanks to Dr Pareshbhai.

Ramilaben Desai
AGE: 61 years
RESIDENCE: Valsad South Gujarat India.


I was suffering from hepatitis and Ascites during 1994. I started treatment as per consultant's advice but there is no result one of my family friend suggested the name of Dr.Paresh Thakkar for Ayurvedic treatment I met him and started ayurvedic treatment. Within a week of treatment I noticed the improvement and after three to four months of treatment I was totally recovered my liver function test and abdominal sonography was normal.

Thanks to Dr.Thakkar for best ayurvedic treatment. I wish him all the best for success in this noble work.

Mahendra Shah

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