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Case Study of Mr. Rizwan Puri


A 44 year old man of UK with chronic Hepatitis C virus (HCV) his total bilirubin 26, ALT 241, Total Protein 89, Globulin 49, A liver biopsy examination suggestive of established Cirrhosis with evidence of regeneration of nodules in both lobes. No focal suspicion nodules seen. The gall bladder, spleen, and both kidneys appear unremarkable.

Ayurveda Point of View Discussion :

We have a patient with chronic HCV, Cirrhosis, esophageal and stomach varices. There are three ways to think about Cirrhosis.

  1. Biochemically
  2. Clinically
  3. Histopathologically

Now in the case of Mr Rizwan Puri his biochemical levels are mostly elevated, Clinically there was symptoms of Cirrhosis , Histopathologically - there was established Cirrhosis of liver with regeneration of nodules in both lobes.

Hepatologist's Opinion in United Kingdom :

Hepatologist in UK suggested for Liver transplantation.

Ayurveda Treatment and Results :

Liver panel report Before the treatment
Liver panel report After the treatment

Ayurveda treatment started from January 2012 under expert guidance of Dr.Paresh Thakkar. Ayurveda treatment was in the form of tablets and Liquids. with in one month of treatment patient feel the improvement there was excellent improvement was seen clinically appetite was improving, energy level was up, abdominal pain discomfort was reduced.

After six months of treatment biochemically there was drastic improvement noted, total bilirubin 13 umol/L from 26 umol/L, ALT 66 from 241, Globulin 37 from 49, total protein 78 from 89. important reports are posted here for more clarity

Latest Opinion of Hepatologist in United Kingdom :

As per this improved condition Hepatologist in UK now feel there is no requirement of Liver transplantation.

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